Full Registration

Full registration for Amateur Estrella is $150 for your Model Release 2257 Paperwork.  This document can be signed virtually from your mobile device.  The Model Release 2257 verifies you are over 18 years old and gives consent for you to be on camera!  As a bonus we will certify your amateur name and brand you as an amateur actor!


If you're ready to get started you can make payment conveniently with the Cash App or Google Pay Send App! If you are using a pre-paid card or cash, you will have to purchase the Green Dot MoneyPak or the Netspend Reload pack and call us at 800-680-0028 to make payment. Once payment is confirmed you will receive the model release paperwork for you to sign via email.

Cash App.png

To Send Payment with Cash App

Enter the cash tag name $AmateurEstrella. Send $150 for registration and add your email in the notes section.

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To Send Payment with Google Pay Send App

Send $150 payment to our email Models@amateurestrella.com

If you are using a Prepaid Card/Cash

With Green Dot there are 2 ways to pay

1. Purchase a MoneyPak for $150 and give us  a call at 800-680-0028 with the card number.

2. If you already have a card from GreenDot  with your name on it, give us  a call and we  will instruct you on how to send money

With NetSpend there are 2 ways to pay

1. Purchase a Reload Card for $150 and give  us a call at 800-680-0028 with the card number

2. If you already have a card from Netspend  with your name on it, register your card      online and you can send $150 by using our      FlashPay ID number #7688225744

(In the message include your email address)

Amateur Estrella Inc.

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