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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join Amateur Estrella?

Males and Females are encouraged to pre-register for our service for free HERE. Once you pre-register you will receive a free consultation call or text from your assigned Recruitment Adviser (RA). Your RA will go over what we do for you and what to expect while you are an amateur content creator. 


Does it cost to join Amateur Estrella?


Yes! We charge a one time fee to join our service! Once you start our program you will see the value we bring for your growing brand! Register today to speak with a RA (Recruitment Adviser) to find out more. Be prepared to invest in yourself and your career.

What is an independent content creator/actor?

Independent content creators have the freedom to create their own vision in their production and are not under contract.  An independent content creator (actor) is responsible for their own expenses to grow their career and are not financed by a company.  Creators will secure locations, costumes, and testing to name a few.

For example, an unsigned rap artist is an independent content creator.  They have to pay for studio time, editing, video production costs, etc. to launch their career.


How do Creators earn money?

Actors earn money differently, however, everyone that does content trade earns royalties for all of the short amateur films they sell on their websites. Royalty payments are paid monthly or weekly from our partner sites that you upload content to.


You will receive a welcome package with more details.



Where & how do I film?

You film at different local locations that you choose that best fit your movie concept!  You also have the option to travel to different states if you want.  Since you are an independent content creator, you decide and can coordinate what you would like to do.


You can shoot all the movies from your camera phone or any of your personal video recording devices! This is great for our discreet actors because you can shoot P.O.V. or do angles that keep your face off-camera. 


Amateur Estrella also has the option for you to use its videographers/cinematographers who can film and edit your content to give your finished product a professional look! 


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