How do I Join Amateur Estrella?

Males and Females are required to pre-register for FREE.  Once you pre-register you will receive a consultation call to go over what we do for you and what to expect while you are an amateur content creator! 


*Its FREE for Female actresses to fully register for 2020!


*Male actors will have to pay a one time fee for full registration!


What happens after I get recruited and pay my registration fee?

You will go through the process of branding and booking to get you started filming.  Then you will move to promotion and advertising to get your content sold!


What is included in the registration fee & why do I need to pay it?

There is a mandatory registration fee for Actors of $150 that is due for your Model Release to start with Amateur Estrella. 


Once you have registered, you will have access to our full service which includes:

*Access to the actor dashboard to get talent for your movie

*Access to amateur photographers and cinematographers

*Marketing of the launch of your film on social media platforms

*Editing of all of your content into an amateur short film

*Set up of your websites to add your content for purchase

*Your official industry name that we help brand!


By registering to use the Actor Dashboard, you represent and warrant that you have never been convicted of a felony and/or are not required to register as a sex offender with any government entity. Amateur Estrella reserves the right to conduct a criminal background check, at any time and using available public records, to confirm your compliance with this section. 


Are payment plans available for the full registration fee?

Yes, talk to your recruiter to get set up on a payment plan.

What is an independent content creator?

Independent content creators have the freedom to create their own vision in their production and are not under contract.  An independent content creator (actor) is responsible for their own expenses to grow their career and are not financed by a company.  Creators will secure locations, costumes and testing to name a few.

For example, an unsigned rap artist is an independent content creator.  They have to pay for studio time, editing, video production costs etc. to launch their career.

Do I have to pay the actors to shoot?

Yes & No! Some actors are more experienced then others. Booking fees may be paid to experienced actors through us only for acting services and full exclusive rights to the content created. You can also book actors for free by doing content trade with them. With content trade both actors receive the content to sale on their websites. Experienced actors will have a blue check mark on our Actor Dashboard.



What is Content Trade?

Content trade is when both actors have about the same amount of experience(i.e "Amateurs"). They work together to make content(short films) for their portfolio. Both Actors decide on locations, costumes and skits.  It's like a bartering system (where one actor provides one thing for the content and the other provides something of the same value to produce the content) You both will be able to earn money over the lifetime of the video you produce.


What is a Model Release 2257 and why do I need it?

This form is needed for every actor to verify that you are over the age of 18-years-old and registers you with Amateur Estrella. 


How do Actors earn money?

Actors earn money differently, however, everyone that does content trade earn royalties for all of the short amateur films he or she sales on their websites. Royalty payments are paid monthly or weekly from our partner sites that you upload content to.


You will receive a welcome package with more details.


Where & How do I film?

You film at different local locations that you choose that best fit your movie concept!  You also have the option to travel to different states if you want.  Since you are an independent content creator, you decide and can coordinate what you would like to do.


You can shoot all movies from your camera phone or any of your personal video recording devices! This is great for our discreet models because you can shoot P.O.V. or do angles that keep your face off camera. 


Amateur Estrella also has the option for you to use its videographers/cinematographers to give your content a professional look! 



How soon can I film/make a movie?

Once you are on the dashboard simply inbox several local actors with the concept for your short film! If they are interested in your concept, you guys can set up when you are both available to do a shoot! Both actors can collaborate on the script, location and any costumes that may be required!


Most members typically respond within 24-48 hours, it depends on how active each individual is and if they want to act in your film.  It is best to be flexible with your script as some actors like to share the creative direction. 

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