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Digital Marketing & Dashboard Access

Digital Marketing is done through various online and social platforms.  We will market all of the content created through the actor dashboard.  


Your initial video promotion is included in your registration fee to help create buzz for your brand.  Additional marketing is available for a discounted rate to all Amateur Estrella actors in daily, weekly and monthly tiers.


Please give us a call or email to Inquire about rates for Marketing. Email Call 1-800-680-0028 and hit option 6 for inquires. 


Full registration includes dashboard access so that you can network with our community of actors to create content for your personal website. 


If you want additional access to the dashboard you can pay a monthly fee!

Note: To be eligible for digital marketing and storage space you must have previously fully registered.

What You Get With Marketing & Dashboard Access

Full registration

If you haven't already, you will need to register first. For $150, you can fully register to receive your Model Release 2257, which verifies you are over 18 and allows you to make content with the community.

Access to Actor Dashboard

You will have access to the artist collective to network with the other actors to create content

Produce High Quality


With access to the Actor Dashboard, you will have FREE use* of our network of cameramen to produce some nice high-quality videos! 


The raw footage that you upload will be turned into a short film with a trailer  to be advertised on social media outlets 


Now that your movie is done, our company will do a movie release via social media & other digital outlets and tag your actor profile to help you get followers & subscribers


Your actor page with your star name will be featured in front of our thousands of followers to help you get publicity and send traffic to your content to be purchased!

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